A Kitten and Cat Care Guide

Cat Care Guide

#1 It needs water and food. 

Put its water where it can get a drink 24 hours a day. Check its water every morning and evening.

Kittens need special dry food, rich in nutrients and protein, Look for packages that say, “kitten formula.” Cats need good dry food too. Look for packages that have a nutrition chart telling how much protein and other things it contains. They need lots of protein. Put 1/2 cup of dry food in the kittens dish each morning. Check it again in the evening and put 1/2 cup more if it is empty or very low. Cats need 1 cup.

Canned food is important. Chicken and chicken livers are very good for kittens and cats. Salmon, tuna and ocean white fish are good too. Look for the nutrition chart. Buy small cans. Kittens get 1/2 can in the morning. Put the other 1/2 can in a zip lock bag, seal it and refrigerate. In the evening it can have the other 1/2 can if its dish is empty. Cats get a whole can in the morning. One can a day is all a full grown cat needs as long as they have dry food too.

#2 It needs you to keep it healthy. 

Your kitten or cat should have a pink or red tongue and gums. If they are pale pink or white something is wrong. It may have worms.

Their little nose should be damp and cool. If it is hot and dry they may have a fever. Cats catch cold just like you do. Never give them aspirin. Aspirin can hurt them. Give them water.

Inside their ears should be pink. If there is black goo in their ears they may have ear mites.

If they throw up or vomit, they may have a hairball from licking themselves and swallowing too much hair. They need to lick themselves. Don’t try to stop them.

Your cat or kitten needs to have a leukemia vaccination and should be spayed or neutered.

Cat and kitten medications can be bought in the pet section of grocery and department stores. If in doubt take them to a veterinarian.

#3 It needs to know you love it. 

Be careful with it. Pet it gently and talk softly. Remember it has feelings just like you do.

#4 It needs you to change the litter. 

Automatic litter boxes are great or buy a plastic litter box, a scoop and scoopable litter. Never flush litter. Clean the litter twice a day.

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