How to Deal with Bad Breath for Cats

How to treat cat bad breath

Home Treatments for Your Cat's Bad Breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, is often a symptom of a bigger health issue with your cat such as liver or kidney failure, according to WebMD Pets . No cat is going to have great breath but if it smells especially bad then there are some home remedies you can try to clear it up assuming it is not caused by a more serious health problem.

Cat Teeth Cleaning

Hopefully the unusually bad smelling breath that your cat suffers from is as simple as plaque build up or gum issues. 

These root causes can be treated at home and should be tried first. If these are not successful consider a vet visit as something more serious may be going on.

A visit to your local pet store is in order as you will want to acquire both specialized toothpaste and a special little toothbrush that goes right on your finger. 

This toothbrush will make the job much easier and the toothpaste will contain enzymes that will be beneficial to your feline friend. Clean your cat’s teeth daily and gently brush its gums as well.

Bad Breath Prevention

Now that you have cleaned existed plaque buildups it is time to take some proactive steps in order to prevent it from coming back and eliminate that bad breath once and for all. 

If your cat is on a wet food diet or a cheap dry food diet you should consider switching to a good dry kibble, such as Science Diet . This and other high quality soft cat foods are actually designed to help prevent plaque from occurring. The kibble is special formulated to scratch it off of your cat’s teeth as it eats. 

Another home remedy you can try is sugar free lemon juice, as recommended by The Nest Pets. Add a few drops to your cat’s water and you should see great results. The acidic lemon will actually help to fight bacteria in its mouth that may be causing bad breath.

Avoid Human Breath Products

Human breath products and home remedies should be avoided at all costs.

Cats have very different systems and many products can leave them feeling sick or even possibly poison them.

This includes over the counter products such as human toothpastes and mouthwashes but also encompasses human home remedies such as a baking soda and peroxide solution.

If all of this fails to yield results then it is time for a vet visit as your cat may have serious or life threatening health issues that need to be diagnosed.

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